WordPress and Next.js development

Use WordPress to manage your content and Next.js to serve your website. Fast.

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Using WordPress and Next.js for web development

By leveraging the REST API within WordPress, you can decouple the front-end from the back-end.

You'll add content to your WordPress back-end as normal, but your users will be served a super-fast front-end built on Next.js.

You can even migrate your existing WordPress site to headless WordPress with a Next.js front-end.

Why use WordPress with Next.js?

Editorial familiarity

When your team are used to working with WordPress, there's no reason to switch CMS to leverage modern front-end frameworks like Next.js.

The WordPress and Next.js combination allows you a best of both worlds scenario.

Super-fast websites

Instead of being bogged down by themes and plugins loading unnecessary styles and scripts on the front-end, Next.js comes performant out of the box.

How can we help bring your WordPress + Next.js project to life?

The WordPress + Next.js combination is our go-to technology stack.

We've built best in class solutions for our clients using WordPress with Next.js, to help them:

  • Rank higher
  • Stand out
  • Delight their customers
  • Get more sales
  • Pull away from their competitors

We can use WordPress and Next.js to do this for you too.

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